Pay via Western Union

You have two options in sending or purchasing using western union, via the branch (physical address) or via online(mobile application or website).

In-branch option:
  • Get a form from the attendant or guard and fill up the necessary information.
  • Wait for your turn and check the information if everything is correct.
  • Once you're given a receipt by the attendant, take a photo for reference (make sure the reference number and all the necessary information is readable).
In-App option:
  • Get the necessary information that we will provide here and make sure you have it typed correctly.
  • Again, double check the information if nothing is mispelled.
  • Finish your transaction and get a screenshot of the receipt. You will also get an e-mail from western union.

Name: Camille Maglinao
Address: San Sebastian, Lipa City, Philippines, 4217 (Zip Code)
Relationship to Sender: Friend

Send an e-mail to and cc to
  • Subject: Western Union Payment
  • Account Username:
  • Character In Game Name: (please if it has spaces include the proper format)
  • Sender's Complete Name:
  • Address:
  • Amount Sent:
  • MTCN Number:
  • Attach or send a screenshot if via mobile app or photo if you have a physical receipt.